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Division Director

Tanner Holloman

Assistant Director

Andrew Sabolic

Workers' Compensation
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Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318
Workers' Compensation Claims
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Workers' Compensation Exemption/ Compliance
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Provider Eligibility; Authorization

Section 440.13(3)(a),(b), and (c), Florida Statutes



(a) As a condition to eligibility for payment under this chapter, a health care provider who renders services must be a certified health care provider and must receive authorization from the carrier before providing treatment. This paragraph does not apply to emergency care. The department shall adopt rules to implement the certification of health care providers.

(b) A health care provider who renders emergency care must notify the carrier by the close of the third business day after it has rendered such care. If the emergency care results in admission of the employee to a health care facility, the health care provider must notify the carrier by telephone within 24 hours after initial treatment. Emergency care is not compensable under this chapter unless the injury requiring emergency care arose as a result of a work-related accident. Pursuant to chapter 395, all licensed physicians and health care providers in this state shall be required to make their services available for emergency treatment of any employee eligible for workers' compensation benefits. To refuse to make such treatment available is cause for revocation of a license.

(c) A health care provider may not refer the employee to another health care provider, diagnostic facility, therapy center, or other facility without prior authorization from the carrier, except when emergency care is rendered. Any referral must be to a health care provider that has been certified by the department, unless the referral is for emergency treatment, and the referral must be made in accordance with practice parameters and protocols of treatment as provided for in this chapter.