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Health Care Provider Investigations

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Section 440.13(11), Florida Statutes


(a) The department may investigate health care providers to determine whether providers are complying with this chapter and with rules adopted by the department, whether the providers are engaging in overutilization, whether providers are engaging in improper billing practices, and whether providers are adhering to practice parameters and protocols established in accordance with this chapter. If the department finds that a health care provider has improperly billed, overutilized, or failed to comply with department rules or the requirements of this chapter, including, but not limited to, practice parameters and protocols established in accordance with this chapter, it must notify the provider of its findings and may determine that the health care provider may not receive payment from the carrier or may impose penalties as set forth in subsection (8) or other sections of this chapter. If the health care provider has received payment from a carrier for services that were improperly billed, that constitute overutilization, or that were outside practice parameters or protocols established in accordance with this chapter, it must return those payments to the carrier. The department may assess a penalty not to exceed $500 for each overpayment that is not refunded within 30 days after notification of overpayment by the department or carrier.

(c) The department has exclusive jurisdiction to decide any matters concerning reimbursement, to resolve any overutilization dispute under subsection (7), and to decide any question concerning overutilization under subsection (8), which question or dispute arises after January 1, 1994.

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