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Workers' Compensation
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Standards of Care Requirements

The Standards of Care discussed in S. 440.13(16).F.S., must be adhered to by physicians and recognized practitioners when rendering treatment and services to injured employees. Physicians and recognized practitioners must consider these standards of care when rendering or prescribing medical treatment:

  • Abnormal anatomical findings alone, in the absence of objective relevant medical findings, shall not be an indicator of injury or illness, a justification for the provision of remedial medical care or the assignment of restrictions, or a foundation for limitations.
  • At all times during evaluation and treatment, the provider shall act on the premise that returning to work is an integral part of the treatment plan.  The goal of removing all restrictions and limitations as early as appropriate shall be part of the treatment plan on a continuous basis. The assignment of restrictions and limitations shall be reviewed with each patient exam and upon receipt of new information, such as progress reports from physical therapists and other providers. Consideration shall be given to upgrading or removing the restrictions and limitations with each patient exam, based upon the presence or absence of objective relevant medical findings.
  • Reasonable necessary medical care of injured employees shall in all situations:
    • Use a high-intensity, short-duration treatment approach that focuses on early activation and restoration of function whenever possible.
    • Include reassessment every 30 days of the treatment plans, regimes, therapies, prescriptions, and functional limitations or restrictions prescribed by the provider.
    • Focus on treatment of the individual employee's specific clinical dysfunction or status and shall not be based upon nondescript diagnostic labels. Be inherently scientifically logical, and the evaluation or treatment procedure must match the documented physiologic and clinical problem.  Treatment shall match the type, intensity, and duration of service required by the problem identified.


Failure to comply with the preceding standards is a violation of Chapter 440, F.S., subject to penalties imposed by the Division.