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Workers' Compensation
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Partnering in the Provision of Health Care to Injured Employees

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Role of the Health Care Provider

Rendering Medical Treatment and Services

The role of the health care provider under the Florida Workers’ Compensation (FL WC) System is to provide appropriate medical treatment and care to the injured employee to facilitate maximum recovery and optimum return-to-work outcomes. To fulfill this role the provider must:

Rendering Expert Medical Advisor (EMA) Services

Physicians are utilized by the Division and Judges of Compensation Claims as Expert Medical Advisors (EMAs) to render expert medical opinions, peer review and expert testimony to resolve disputes related to reimbursement, differing opinions of health care providers, and health care and physician services rendered in accordance with the section 440.13(9), F.S. and Rule 69L-30.007 F.A.C.

To qualify as an EMA, a physician must posses a current clear and active Florida Department of Health license and must be board certified in a specialty area appropriate to address medical issues arising from the treatment of occupational health diseases and injuries. The reimbursement rate for EMA services is $200.00 - $300.00 per hour, per case.

Physicians interested in participating as an EMA in the Florida Workers’ Compensation health care delivery system can learn more about EMA qualification criteria, application process, EMA responsibilities and obtain a copy of the application form by clicking on the EMA icon below:

DWC-25 Form/Completion Instructions

DWC-25 Form/Completion Instructions

Expert Medical Advisors Needed For Injured Workers

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