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2016 DWC Event Calendar

October 1, 2016

CS/HB 613 Effective 10/1/16

Listed below are some of the key changes in the bill. For the full bill click here.

  • The bill reduces an employer’s penalty for non-compliance with statutorily mandated Workers’ Compensation coverage by 25% if the employer is in compliance with the business records requirements and reduces the multiplier applied to certain penalties.
    • Prior to 10/1/16, the law does not allow the Division of Workers’ Compensation to reduce an employer’s penalty when the employer complies with the business records requirements. In addition, if the employer does not provide sufficient records to calculate the penalty, the law requires the Division to impute the employer’s payroll based on the state average weekly wage multiplied by 2. The bill allows the Division to reduce an employer’s penalty by 25% if the employer is in compliance with the business records requirements and reduces the multiplier from 2 times to 1.5 times the state average weekly wage multiplier.
  • The bill removes outdated and unneeded fees.
    • An insurance carrier that wants to write workers’ compensation insurance must register with the Department and pay a registration fee of $100. The Department electronically registers carriers and the cost to do so is minimal, therefore the fee is unnecessary. The bill eliminates the $100 registration fee.
    • The Special Disability Trust Fund (SDTF) requires a $250 notification fee on each notice of claim filed and a $500 fee on each proof of claim filed. The SDTF has been prospectively abolished for any new claims on or after January 1, 1998. The bill eliminates the $250 notification fee and $500 proof of claim fee.
  • The bill deletes outdated statutes regarding notices:
    • Prior to 10/1/16, revocations of election of coverage and election to be exempt are submitted on paper and mailed to the Division. The bill will allow revocations to be electronically submitted via the Division’s website. In addition, the bill contains clean-up language needed to conform with statutory changes that were enacted in 2013 and eliminates outdated statutory language.
    • The bill will eliminate the requirement for telephonic reporting of death claims. The Division implemented electronic reporting of claims in 2008. The toll free line and 24 hour reporting requirement are no longer needed as the information is required to be received electronically.


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