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Safety News

Topic – Changes to FFOSHA (69A-62) Continue


  • Changes to FFOSHA Administrative rule 69A-62 continue with the objectives of simplifying the rule, updating it to be current and removing superfluous or non-statute supported language.
  • 62.003 has been modified to remove language moved to .001, out of date language and acknowledges the existence of Support Services (fire department members that are not FF 1 but who have been trained commensurate to duty to provide specific services outside the hot zone.


These rules are in the rulemaking process currently.


What’s next?
Once the ones above are completed, 69A -62.030 & 69A-62.045 will be updated.

If you do not know what the rule numbers refer to, this is a good time to look them up;

F.S. 633         (Florida Statutes)

F.A.C. 69A     (Florida Administrative Code - Rules)



Any questions,
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