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Safety Articles

Clean your PPE and Skin Post-Fire to Reduce Chemical Exposure Risk

As a firefighter, you know that firefighting activities can lead to chemical contamination. But do you know what steps you can take to reduce exposures? This understanding is critical as different fireground activities have different types and levels of exposure risk.


IFD Significant Incident Investigation Team’s REPORT

This article contains a portion of the IFD Significant Incident Investigation Team’s report concerning the CNG Propelled Republic Services Garbage truck explosion on January 27, 2015.

This incident has been deemed a “near miss” or “close call”.


New research: How clean is firefighter gear?

There's little empirical evidence on how clean firefighter turnout gear is after laundering or the best ways to clean it; that is all about to change!


New House Fire Hazard: Exploding Attic Stairs

This article will examine the effect of a residential fire on gas springs used in a specific application: pull-down attic stair assemblies. By using a case history at a recent residential attic fire, we will review the causes, effects, and tactical changes from a gas spring rocketing past the nozzle team, narrowly missing striking two firefighters.


Summer 2012

Our ability to cool down is dependent upon acclimation, physical condition, environment, high heat and humidity, proper hydration, and asset management.


Medical Evaluations

Medical evaluations are required in order to use Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA). This article covers the key points but there is nothing like going through the actual documents mentioned in detail.


Danger from the Sky

Providing light, heat and awesome tans, the sun hangs up there in the sky for about half the day shining down upon us. It has also become a source of electrical power for both residential and commercial properties - But what about the Dangers?


Emergency Response

Our concern with safety includes not only ourselves but extends to those we serve. Every time we are dispatched to a call, we have option of traveling with the flow of traffic or proceeding with lights and sirens. Every time we activate lights and sirens, we elevate the risk to ourselves and those we share the roads of Florida with.


IDLH atmosphere! What about LTDLH?

Just as we know that there are immediate dangers and deal with them, should we not be just as aggressive and aware of the long term dangers to life and health in structural firefighting? What are we doing about LTDLH (Long Term Dangers to Life and Health)?


The Tetrahedron of Safety

The triangle seems ensconced into the very fabric of the fire service. When we had the opportunity to move away from it, we opted for the three dimensional triangle… the tetrahedron. While pushing the envelope of tradition is something I relish, I am not touching this one.


Trainings Impact on Safety

Training improves safety if it is focused, consistent and complete. If any of these three components are missing, the training delivered may actually contribute to unsafe acts and injuries in the workplace.