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Division of State Fire Marshal
Fire is Everyone's Fight
Fire Safewty for Seniors

Smoke Alarm Campaign
For Florida Seniors

The Division of State Fire Marshal Bureau of Fire Prevention was awarded a FEMA Fire Prevention and Safety grant to promote a comprehensive statewide fire safety campaign for the elderly population, 55 years and older. The goals of this campaign is to increase fire safety knowledge to the elderly through educational programs; reduce the injury rate, fatality rate, and number of fires in the homes of the elderly; conduct fire safety inspections in their homes; and install smoke alarms in their homes when the alarms are inoperable or absent.

To accomplish these goals, the Bureau has developed the following three components to be conducted by the local fire department:

  1. To educate the elderly on home fire safety utilizing the USFA Fire Safety Campaign for 50-Plus material (www.usfa.fema.gov/campaigns/50plus)
  2. To conduct home fire safety inspection utilizing the USFA Fire Safety Check List (FA-221/July 2012) as a guide
  3. To conduct an informal risk analysis of their elderly population to determine the number of smoke alarms they will need for their community.


The Bureau of Fire Prevention encourages local fire departments to get involved and help us reduce the risk of fire related injuries and death to our elderly population. If you have any questions about this campaign, contact Charlie Frank with the Bureau of Fire Prevention at 850-833-9037 or via e-mail at charles.frank@myfloridacfo.com.


*Note* The Division of State Fire Marshal has awarded all smoke alarms obtained through the FEMA grant. For information on obtaining a smoke alarm for your house or community, please contact your local fire department.