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Agency Review Questions & Answers

The following questions have been posed by agency and university loss prevention personnel. The list will be updated to reflect any other frequently asked questions. If you have a question about the process, and would like it included on this page, please submit it by clicking on the following link:

Agency Review Question

Q: How did the Division of Risk Management choose the order of agency reviews?

A. The top ten agencies, grouped by total claims cost, will be reviewed in the first three years. Other agencies were prioritized based on agency size in order to balance the workload throughout the five-year cycle.

Q: How much notice will agencies receive prior to an official review notification?

A: The Division's goal is to give a courtesy notice to the agency safety coordinator 2 months prior to the official notification.

Q: How long does an agency review take?

A: The Division has recently adopted a new policy which governs the review process. On average, the review process should take less than two months.

Q: Can agencies provide information to the reviewer prior to the entry conference?

A: Yes, Agencies can begin completing questionnaires and sending support documentation as soon as they receive the informal notification from a Division analyst; however, the information will not be reviewed until the official notification is sent to the agency.

Q: Who will be interviewed at each agency?

A: Employees responsible for agency-wide coordination of employee health, safety, loss prevention, training, workers' compensation, and return-to-work programs will be interviewed.

Q: What questions will be asked during the interview portion of the review?

A: For a copy of the interview questionnaire, please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:

Questionnaire request

Q: How will agencies be notified of the review findings & recommendations?

A: Agencies are notified of all findings and recommendations at the exit conference. A draft copy of the report is provided the the safety coordinator. The agency has up to 45 days to respond to the report.

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