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Frequently Asked Questions
Universal Health Care, Inc.

I recevied a letter Requesting information for a IRS W-9 from. What do I do?

​Please complete the requested IRS W - 9 information and return by October 24, 2019.

How do I file a Proof of Claim with the Receiver?

Please complete a "Contact Us Form" and the Receiver will mail you a Proof-of-Claim form. The deadline for timely filing a proof of claim form was June 30, 2014.

For information on how to file your claim, click here.

I have claims for both Universal Health Care, Inc. (UHC) and Universal Health Care Insurance Company, Inc. (UHCIC). Can I use the same Proof of Claim form for both companies?

​No. Separate Proof-of-Claim forms are required for each company.

I do not know if my claims are for UHC or UHCIC, do I need to use separate forms?

​If the member ID number prefix begins with PF, PM, UD or UA, you should file your claim on the UHCIC (542) POC.
If the member ID number prefix begins with MM , HM, HR, MP, FP,SN, SA, SC, SE, UF, UR, DV and CM, you should file your claim on the UHC (543) POC.
Your claim must be filed on the appropriate company POC form.

I received a Proof of Claim form but the NPI listed was incorrect. How do I correct this information?

​The NPI number was obtained from the records of The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). You may manually correct the number on the Proof-of-Claim form. Each Proof-of-Claim form NPI number should match the corresponding NPI number on the medical claims submitted.

I have several claims for the Proof of Claim form, how do I file a Master Claim?

In the UHC and UHCIC receiverships, the process for medical providers submitting multiple medical bills is different than Receiver’s normal Master Claim process.

Multiple medical bills submission should be totaled and the amount placed on the POC form as the amount you are claiming.

I did not receive a Proof of Claim form in the mail and did not receive an email. How do I obtain a Proof of Claim form?

​Please complete a "Contact Us Form" and the Receiver will mail you a Proof-of-Claim form.

What happens if I fail to file the Proof of Claim form by the deadline? Will it be considered late-filed?

​Claims may be filed past the claims filing deadline but may be classified at a lower "late-filed" priority.

Can you verify receipt of my Proof of Claim form?

​If you decide to submit a paper proof of claim form you should send it by certified mail, return receipt requested, or overnight mail (FedEx, UPS, etc.) and save the delivery certification cards as proof of timely mailing. No confirmations of receipt of individual proof of claim forms will be mailed or confirmed through other means of communication.

When will my claim be paid and how much will I receive?

​The amount of any potential payment is unknown until after the amount of all liabilities has been established and all reasonable efforts to recover and liquidate assets have been exhausted. Please be advised that it may take several years before a distribution of assets, if any, is made in this receivership, due to collection efforts and litigation.

What if I don’t know the exact amount of my claim or don’t have all the documentation at the time I submit my Proof of Claim?

​In the amount claimed field on the proof of claim form, enter “$1.00” if you don’t know the exact amount of the claim. Be sure to put your NPI number on the documentation so that it can be identified and matched to your proof of claim.

I was paid incorrectly on several of my claims, can I file for the correct payment amount?

​The balance of your outstanding claims may be submitted and must reflect any prior payment, credit or offset.

The Proof of Claim form mentions a “Secured Claim”. What does that mean?

​"Secured claim" means any claim secured by mortgage, trust deed, pledge, deposit as security, escrow, or otherwise but does not include a special deposit claim, a claim against general assets, or a claim based on mere possession. In other words, if a claim is secured by some form of collateral, it is considered a secured claim.

My claim is in the name of my business. What do I enter under “Date of Birth”?

​This field may be left blank.