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Charles Ghini

Deputy Directors

Robin Kinsey

Doug McNease

Information Technology
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318

Deputy Director – Robin Kinsey

Robin Kinsey serves as the Deputy Director for the Office of Enterprise Financial Support Services (OEFSS).  She was appointed to this position in December 2014, and is responsible for the technical support for the Florida Accounting Information Resource (FLAIR) which is utilized to perform the State's accounting and financial management functions.  She is also responsible for the overall operations of the agency data center.  She focuses her efforts on the delivery of services to state agencies and external partners who rely on the accounting and financial data to maintain their operations.

Prior to her current role, Robin held several technology leadership positions with the State of Florida.  She previously worked as the Bureau Chief for Design and Development of the FLAIR system.  She also served as the Enterprise Solutions Architect, where she focused on balancing the architectural designs of IT Projects with the goals of the enterprise.  Robin has also been in several other successful roles such as the Enterprise Integration Manager for DFS’ Financial ERP Project where she was responsible for the assessment of the business requirements and developing technical solutions for system interfaces with all state agencies and external partners.

Prior to joining the State of Florida, Robin worked in the private sector supporting accounting systems, telecommunications systems, public assistance systems and aerospace systems.

Robin earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Systems from Florida A&M University and is a Florida Certified Contract Manager.

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