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Division Director

Charles Ghini

Deputy Directors

Carlton Bassett

Doug McNease

Information Technology
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318

Information Systems Development Methodology (ISDM)

The Information Systems Development Methodology (ISDM) is designed to provide a consistent, repeatable process for developing systems. By referencing, utilizing and applying the techniques within this methodology, development teams have a standard framework necessary to efficiently and effectively scope a project, conduct analysis, define and design the solution, create the system modules and evaluate the system after its implementation.

The ISDM is a living document with a built-in anticipation of continued growth and evolution parallel to the changing industry practices. This methodology will be properly enforced, and is intended for all system development efforts.

The DFS ISDM consists of four guiding artifacts:

  1. DFS ISDM Methodology Document
    (Detailed information about the Methodology) Word Doc
  2. DFS ISDM Workflow Diagram
    (Visual representation of the ISDM Workflow) PDF Doc
  3. DFS ISDM Deliverables by Phase
  4. DFS ISDM Usage Guidance
    (Overview of ISDM Processes) Word Doc

The ISDM website is designed to mirror the ISDM Documents. The seven ISDM phases appear in order on the website and contain links to all applicable deliverable templates. The last two sections of the website contain links to applicable System Development Standards and applicable Operating Procedures.

ISDM Phases

DIS is available for consultation with business owners and system development teams to facilitate the successful application of the ISDM Please email your feedback and/or questions to ISDM@MyFloridaCFO.com Email Address