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Division Director

Charles Ghini

Deputy Directors

Carlton Bassett

Doug McNease

Information Technology
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318

Departmental/Agency Accounting

Form ID

The first 2 characters in the RDS Agency/Departmental Form ID's are either a 'ZY' or a 'ZZ', and the 3rd character designates the Agency. See the Agency IDs table for these. The 4th character can be found in the below and designates the report to be run.

For Example: ZYAA is the "Direct Deposit Revenue Analysis" report for the Legislature.

  • Agency List: ZYA= Legislature
  • Branch Report List: A = DDDR01

Report List

Report ID Report Name Report Description
A DDDR01 Direct Deposit Revenue Analysis
B DCLR01 Clearing Fund Revenue Analysis
C HRSTRCNT Children and Families On Line Transaction Count by District
D YMAR01 Deleted General Ledger Master Records (from Year End Processing)
E DDBR01 Transaction 99 JT Receipts Errors
F DFCR01 Fully Depreciated Property Items and Errors
G DFCR02 Automated Depreciated Summary
H DFCR03 Depreciation Report on Fields Updated
I DFCR02A Automated Depreciated Summary
J DFCR02B Automated Depreciated Summary
K DFCR03A Depreciation Report on Fields Updated
L DFCR03B Depreciation Report on Fields Updated
M DPRR23A Mass Transfer Error Report
N DPRR23B Mass Transfer Report
O DEXR05 Active Expansion Options with Invalid Codes
P DEXR06 Active Expansion Sets with Invalid Codes
Q DPRR28 Property Master Update Error Listing
R YPRR24Y Changes In General Fixed Assets Report
S DPER01 no longer a valid report
T DPRR10 Purged Property History Records
U YPRR01 Purged Property Master Records - Yearly Report
V YPRR02 Property Master File Listing as of End of Fiscal Year
W DRCP04R SAMAS Automated Reconciliation of Disbursements Report
X DTHRMC Minority Vendor
Y DRPPVOAG Voucher Aging
Z YPRR03 Property Master File Item Number Changes
1 DNPP24 Batch Error Report
2 DSFRCIER Active Contract Records with Invalid CSFA Codes
3 DSFRGIER Active Grant Records with Invalid CSFA Codes
4 DCRRPURG Listing of Purged Cash Receipts Records
5 DTFRPGRP Unprocessed Purged Revenue Correction/Reallocation
6 DVSR03 Confidential Vendors
7 BGRTRBAL Beginning Trial Balance