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Division Director

Charles Ghini

Deputy Directors

Carlton Bassett

Doug McNease

Information Technology
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318

Central Accounting RDS Forms, General and Individual


XX = Agency ID for Central Accounting RDS Reports. See the Agency ID Table column called "Central Form ID" to find the "XX".

Form ID Program Description
XX01 CMLPCASH Cash Ledger
XX02 CMLPREC Receipts Ledger
XX03 CMLPAPPR Appropriation Ledgers
XX04 CMPRRTB4 Combined Receipts & Trial Balance
XX05 CNPPPJT2 Posted JT's by SWDN within Initiating
XX06 CNPPPJT4 Posted JT's by SWDN within Benefiting
XX08 CPPPTIM3 % of Invoices Timely Paid
XX09 CPPPSEM2 Semi-Monthly Agency Prompt Payment Compliance
XX10 CPPPAGE2 Prompt Payment Interest Penalty Aged Report
XX14 CNPPVFG2 Report of Active Vendors Flag Records
XX19 CPPPSEM3 Semi-Monthly Agency Prompt Payment Compliance Summary
XX21 CPPPSEM7 Semi-Monthly Prompt Payment Compliance Summary
XX22 CPPPTIM3 % of Invoices Timely Paid- Quarterly Summary
XX23 CPPPAGE3 Prompt Payment Aged Report for All Agencies
XX26 CMPRROT3 Monthly ROT - Agency Report
XX29 CMPPWCR1 Outstanding Warrants Over 3 Months Old
XX41 SRVCHG IW Service Charge Report
XX44 CFFPB08 Federally Funded 12 Month Old Warrants
XX47 CFFFPB12 12 Month Old Warrants Sent to Abandoned Property
XX72 CPPPEXDT Excluded Payment Approval Date
XX78 CPPPQTR2 Agency Quarterly Prompt Payment Compliance Report
XX81 CPPPQTR5 Agency Quarterly Prompt Payment Compliance Summary
XX85 CNPPVFG3 Active Vendor Flag Records For Back Up W/H
XX1B CMPPWCR Warrants in Stop Payment Status Over 3 Months Old
XX1U CMPRWC1 12 Month Cancellation - All Funds
XX1W CMPRWC3 Outstanding Refund Warrants Paid from General Revenue
XX1Y CPPPINT2 Interest Penalty Invoice Report
XX3E CNPPCSHA Master Level Cash Accounts-Negative Balance
XX3F CNPPBUDP Master Level Budgetary Accounts-Negative Balance
XX3G CNPPRECA Master Level Receipt Accounts-Negative Balance
XX3V CNPPWCR Weekly Report of O/S Warrants in Status S or X or Y
XX4W CWPPEXP5 Expense Warrant Registers
XX5M CNPPWC4 Warrant Cancellation Report
XX5V CMPRPOW Outstanding Payroll Warrants
XX7C CPPPEX Purchasing Card-No Inv Date-Prompt Payment
XX7K CFFPB19 Title Warrants In Stop Pay Status When Transferred to Unclaimed Property
XX8A CNPRNEGP Accounts With Negative Balances After Payroll Posting
XX8U CVNRVDI1 Payment & 1099 Vendor Number Discrepancy Report
XX9T CBTPADL4 Acct Code Expansion Turn Around Doc YYY-FY APPR
XXDF CNPPWCR Weekly Report of Warrants in Stop Payment Status 5
XXDH CNAPAV6 Account Codes Completed By Agencies-Pending State Accounts Approval
XXDI CNAPCA3 New Account Codes Loaded To DADF01 & CMBF01
XXDV CNYPGAF5 Account Code Records Rej by CAS for GASB 34 Conv
XXDW CNYPGAF6 Report of Account Codes Converted for GASB34
XX2Y CEPPBRV7 List Of Journal Transfers Created To Returns EFT

Individual Agencies

Form # Program Description Agency #
XX20 CPPPSEM4 Semi-Monthly Compliance Report 2100
XX27 CMPRROT3 Monthly ROT - by Payee Name 7300
XX28 CMPRROT6 Monthly ROT by SWDN 7300
XX49 CFFPB13 12 Month Old Cancellations - Transfer to Abandoned Property DBF
XX50 CFFPPB14 Transfer to Abandoned Property - Summary Report DBF
XX55 CFFPPB16 Impact Fee transferred to Abandoned Property 7600
XX1W CMPRWC3 Outstanding Refund Warrants Paid from General Revenue 7300
XX2B CMPRIBI2 Current Year IBI Summary 6000,6400,7000
XX2C CNPRIBI2 Certified Forward IBI Summary Report 6000,6400,7000