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Bureau of Forensic Services

Educating Future Forensic Technicians

Our Forensic Internship Program

Intern Program


The Bureau frequently works with interested Universities to host up to four volunteer student interns to learn Fire Debris Analysis. In the past we have hosted students from:

  • Auburn University Auburn University
  • Eastern Kentucky University Eastern Kentucky University
  • Florida A&M University Florida A&M University
  • Florida State University Florida State University
  • Pennsylvania State University Penn State University
  • University of Central Florida University of Central Florida
  • University of Lausanne (Switzerland) University of Lausanne
  • University of Wisconsin - Platteville University of Wisconsin - Platteville
  • West Virginia University West Virginia University


Our program consists of readings, lectures, and shadowing of an assigned mentor that are designed to provide an intern with theoretical and historical knowledge of fire debris analysis and to a lesser extent fire scene investigation. It works concurrently within an active laboratory so the interns begin working on the program while actively participating in the laboratory. They observe experienced analysts preparing, analyzing, and interpreting debris samples. During the intern’s first few weeks, they also read and become familiar with the laboratory’s “Guidelines for Collection, Packaging and Submission of Evidence”.

While this training will provide a solid background in fire debris analysis it is not sufficient to prepare an intern for independent fire debris analysis. The forensic laboratory that hires the intern on a full-time basis will undoubtedly have its own procedures and protocols which the technician will need to adapt.

As the interns’ proficiency improves, their mentors may allow them to have more hands on work in these areas. An intern will be expected to propose, plan, justify, and execute a research project during his or her time at BFS. He or she will make a presentation on the project at the end of the internship where the intern should be able to show his or her proficiency with completion of a comprehensive oral examination.

To learn more about the intern training program, download our Forensic Internship Training Program Overview


Training to Other Government Agencies

We have also provided training to personnel from other agencies in various aspects of forensic science, digital imaging, and evidence preservation. Since 2012 we have provided on-going training in fire debris analysis to members of the Royal Bahamian Police Laboratory.

Royal Bahamian Police