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Volume 2, No. 5 - June 2013

Enforcement Actions

- May 2013

Bureau of Investigation

Some of the following disciplinary actions were resolved through a settlement process resulting in an order for discipline. Notification of disciplinary actions is in the public interest. While every effort is made to provide correct information, our readers are cautioned to check with the Department before making a decision based upon this listing. This listing does not reflect pending appeals or requests for hearings.

Warning: No part of this listing may be used by a licensee to gain an unfair competitive advantage over any person named herein. Any licensee who does do so is in violation of Section 626.9541(1)(c), Florida Statutes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Copies of enforcement action documents can be located by searching the Division of Legal Services' database. After clicking the Locate link below and the database opens, click on Final Orders on the left, followed by Dept of Financial Services, then Agents and Agencies, then Final Orders 2013. You will then be able to locate the document by the first letter of the individual's last name or business name. For further information, you may make a public records request via email or contact the Public Records Unit.

Alexander, Jr.DavidA003226 Life & Health License Suspended 1 Year  Tallahassee, FLLocate
AloiJosephA004581 Bail BondProbation and Fined $5,000 Tallahassee, FLLocate
Aztec Title Corporation A010612Title AgencyFined $500 Plantation, FLLocate
BangerterThomasP175946 Public Adjuster License Suspended 3 Months  North Miami, FLLocate
Benson, Sr.JeremiahP208118 Life, Health, Variable Annuity Permanently Barred  Orlando, FLLocate
BraynenNatashaD003660 Life, Variable Annuity, Bail Bond, Legal Expense License Suspended 3 Months  Dania, FLLocate
CerenzioDonaldA044342 General Lines, Life, Health, Variable AnnuityProbation and Fined $2,250 Winter Park, FLLocate
ClarkGeraldA048156Life, Health, Variable Annuity License Suspended 6 Months  Bradenton, FLLocate
ClevelandWarrenP132845Life, Health, Variable AnnuityPermanently Barred  Indian Harbour Beach, FLLocate
Consumer Title Services LLC E095523Title AgencyFined $1,500 Coral Springs, FLLocate
CooleyLoganP217794 Personal Lines License Suspended 9 Months  Lynchburg, VALocate
CoteraTriciaP238303General LinesFined $3,500 Davie, FLLocate
DegongoraLuisA064689 General Lines, Life, HealthProbation and Fined $5,000 Miami Lakes, FLLocate
DyerChristinaP222662 Bail BondProbation and Fined $3,000 Titusville, FLLocate
Emergency Services 24, Inc.   No LicenseCease & Desist  Orlando, FLLocate
GarciaCesarP061969 Public AdjusterFined $500 Miami, FLLocate
GebaideMichaelA094833 Life, Health, Legal ExpenseProbation and Fined $5,000 Longwood, FLLocate
GoodarziHamidA100415General Lines License Suspended 6 Months  Weston, FLLocate
GuerreroJesusP052027 Public AdjusterFined $1,500 Miami, FLLocate
HinojosaJeanetteE146400 Public AdjusterFined $500 Miami, FLLocate
Insurance Network Center, Inc. L064202 Insurance AgencyProbation and Fined $5,000 Miami Lakes, FLLocate
Iron Lion Title LLC   W094099 Title Agency Fined $500   Orlando, FL Locate
Kearse Herman W038494 Bail Bond Fined $2,000   Palatka, FL Locate
Llama Marlene D066376 General Lines License Suspended 18 Months     Miami, FL Locate
Main Street Title & Settlement Services LLC   P191635 Title Agency Fined $750   Hackensack, NJ Locate
Marianna Title Services, Inc.   P068102 Title Agency Fined $500   Marianna, FL Locate
McDougal Marvin A171986 General Lines, Surplus Lines License Suspended 9 Months     Stockton, CA Locate
Menendez Ana D030432 Customer Representative License Suspended 6 Months, Restitution   $697 Miami, FL Locate
Nations Best Insurance, Inc.   L058102 Insurance Agency Probation and Fined $2,500   Davie, FL Locate
Pickren Raymond P030807 Bail Bond License Revoked Permanently     Cocoa, FL Locate
Ponder James A209343 Life, Variable Annuity Permanently Barred     Ocala, FL Locate
Pons Luis A209366 Public Adjuster License Suspended 3 Months     Miami, FL Locate
Risser Shannon P142094 Life, Health, Variable Annuity License Suspended 9 Months, Restitution   $1,005.17 Tampa, FL Locate
Ruser Victor A228442 Life, Health License Revoked     Kissimmee, FL Locate
Security Title Services, Inc.   A237624 Title Agency Fined $500   Bronson, FL Locate
Signature Title Professionals, Inc.   P177546 Title Agency Fined $500   Orlando, FL Locate
Skyway Title LLC   W120903 Title Agency Fined $500   Tampa, FL Locate
Smith Brent A246799 Life, Health, Variable Annuity License Suspended 9 Months     Mechanicsville, VA Locate
Sunset Capital Title Services LLC   W110517 Title Agency Fined $500   Saint Johns, FL Locate
Tanner Frederick E151308 Life, Health, Variable Annuity License Revoked     Port St Lucie, FL Locate
Thomas Kent P186480 Bail Bond Fined $1,500   Miami Gardens, FL Locate
Title Acquisition I LLC   P044721 Title Agency Fined $500   Tampa, FL Locate
Torres Christina E061515 General Lines, Life, Health, Variable Annuity, Automobile Warranty Fined $2,500   Davie, FL Locate
Unlimited Abstract LLC   P033210 Title Agency Fined $500   Fort Lauderdale, FL Locate
Wade Courtney W004853 General Lines License Surrendered     Myrtle Beach, SC Locate
Washington, Sr. Adam P125434 Bail Bond Probation and Fined $2,000   Fort Lauderdale, FL Locate
Williams Kenneth D053578 Life, Health, Variable Annuity License Surrendered     Costa Mesa, CA Locate
Zaldivar Antonio A293179 General Lines Probation and Fined $5,000   Miami, FL Locate