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Division Director

Greg Thomas

Insurance Agent and Agency Services
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318
Bureau of Licensing
(850) 413-3137
Bureau of Investigation
(850) 413-3136

(formerly Communication Equipment Property Insurance)


  • 90-32 Portable Electronics Insurance (Lead)

Subsection 626.321(1)(h), Florida Statutes, defines the "PORTABLE ELECTRONICS INSURANCE" license as a license for property insurance or inland marine insurance that covers only loss, theft, mechanical failure, malfunction, or damage for portable electronics. It may be issued only to employees or authorized representatives of a licensed general lines agent or employees, agents, or the lead business location of a retail vendor that sells portable electronics insurance. The lead business location must have a contractual relationship with a general lines agent. The license also authorizes sales of service warranty agreements covering only communications equipment to the same extent if licensed under s. 634.419 or 634.420.

PORTABLE ELECTRONICS are defined as personal, self-contained, easily carried by an individual, battery-operated electronic communication, viewing, listening, recording, gaming, computing or global positioning devices, including cell or satellite phones, pagers, personal global positioning satellite units, portable computers, portable audio listening, video viewing or recording devices, digital cameras, video camcorders, portable gaming systems, docking stations, automatic answering devices, and other similar devices and their accessories, and service related to the use of such devices.

Agent Application Qualifications:

  • Complete an online application for License and submit appropriate fees. Apply for license
  • Be a natural person at least 18 years of age.
  • Must not be a resident of the state of Florida.
  • Be a United States citizen or legal alien who possesses a work authorization from the United States Immigration and Naturalization Services.
  • Be fingerprinted. [Click here and follow the instructions]

Firm Application Qualifications:

  • Complete an online application for License and submit appropriate fees. Apply for license
  • Business must not be located in Florida.
  • You must provide the name, social security number, date of birth, and an email address of each majority owner, partner, officer and director of the firm.

Special Notes:

  • Each office, branch office or place of business making use of the entity’s business name may file a Portable Electronics Insurance (9-32) application after the "Lead" location obtains the 90-32 license.
  • Appointment of License: This license requires an appointment with a Florida authorized insurer. This license will expire if unappointed for 48 months. Section 626.431(3), Florida Statutes.