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October 2021 Enforcement Actions

Last/Business NameFirst NameLicenseDispositionFine ($)Cost ($)Restitution ($)City, StateDocumentation
AMERICAN TITLE & ESCROW LLC W546805Monetary Penalty1500  DORAL, FLConsent Order
BACHANDMICHAELW500865Suspension 6 Month(s)   HAINES CITY, FLOrder of Suspension
BAKERKARENA315305Revocation   VENICE, FLNotice of Revocation
BERDUEGARYA019773Suspension 18 Month(s)   CAPE CORAL, FLConsent Order
BLUMDAVIDW298824Revocation   FORT LAUDERDALE, FLOrder of Revocation
BURCHBLAKEP143630License Surrender   YUKON, OKConsent Order
CAMPTASHEIKAW604372Suspension 9 Month(s)   DAVENPORT, FLOrder of Suspension
CAMPUSFIRST AGENCY, LLC L099233Revocation   WESTLAKE, OHConsent Order
CARTERDANIELW531548Revocation   GAINESVILLE, FLNotice of Revocation
COBBJUSTINW412776Revocation   CLEARWATER, FLNotice of Revocation
CONNORSAILEENW548353Revocation   SAGAMORE HILLS, OHConsent Order
COOPERSANDZVAW458472Revocation   FORT PIERCE, FLOrder of Revocation
COXZACHARYW413251Suspension 3 Month(s)   PARKLAND, FLOrder of Suspension
CRUZNANCYD035705Revocation   KISSIMMEE, FLFinal Order
DAVISANTHONYW514190Revocation   TAMPA, FLOrder of Suspension
DAVISDARENW194218Suspension 1 Year(s)   HOLLYWOOD, FLNotice of Revocation
DE LA FUENTEFUENTEW252335Suspension 3 Month(s)   DORAL, FLConsent Order
DEJEANBENJAMINW368207Revocation   ORLANDO, FLOrder of Revocation
DESAULNIERCHARLESP218417Revocation   MELBOURNE, FLOrder of Revocation
FENSTERSZAUBMENAHEMW273813Monetary Penalty1750  CORAL SPRINGS, FLConsent Order
FERNANDEZSONIAE043585Monetary Penalty1750  CORAL GABLES, FLConsent Order
FIGURATRACYP061741Probation and Fine2500  MARGATE, FLConsent Order
GARCIACARLOSW272451Probation and Fine2500  MIAMI, FLConsent Order
GAYLEJEFFERYW013263Monetary Penalty2500  HOLLYWOOD, FLConsent Order
GLOBAL POINT CLOSING SERVICES, INC. W491043Suspension 2 Month(s)   BOCA RATON, FLOrder of Suspension
GONZALEZANAW335577Suspension 3 Month(s)   MIAMI, FLConsent Order
GONZALEZLEIDYSW186928Suspension 3 Month(s)   MIAMI, FLConsent Order
HAUSLEYBOBBYW543469Revocation   TUPELO, MSConsent Order
HILLLAURENW256989Revocation   DAYTONA BEACH, FLOrder of Revocation
HOMANLAURETTEA195987Cease & Desist   CORAL SPRINGS, FLOrder to Cease and Desist
JACKSONJAMESW350430Revocation   DALLAS, TXConsent Order
JB TITLE & ESCROW INC. W482070Monetary Penalty1500  MIAMI, FLConsent Order
JONESOREGNAP069502Revocation   MIRAMAR, FLOrder of Revocation
JONESSTEPHENP181606Revocation   MCKINNEY, TXOrder of Revocation
LANGSTEPHEN THOMASW617417Revocation   WINTER PARK, FLNotice of Revocation
LASTREADRIANAW446076Suspension 3 Month(s)   MIAMI, FLConsent Order
LOCKE-PEREZBRIW365549Revocation   PHILADELPHIA, PANotice of Revocation
LOUISMICHAELA158919Suspension 3 Month(s)   DELRAY BEACH, FLConsent Order
LUEIROBRADFORDW181548Suspension 9 Month(s)   RIVERVIEW, FLConsent Order
MARCUSEVANW015134Probation and Fine5000  GARDEN CITY, NYConsent Order
MARTINSTANLEYA166711License Surrender   BRANDON, FLConsent Order
MCFARLANDRANDYE149894Cease & Desist   HOT SPRINGS, AROrder tio Cease and Desist
MINICHINORICHARDE070881Revocation   LAKE PEEKSKILL, NYOrder of Revocation
MLADUCKYNICHOLASW330601Probation and Fine2500  CAPE CORAL, FLConsent Order
MORFFIALBERTOE129828Suspension 3 Month(s)   MIAMI, FLConsent Order
MOSS SRPETER FUCIENP037970Suspension 3 Month(s)   POMPANO, FLOrder of Suspension
ORTIZPIOP139565Suspension 6 Month(s)   DELRAY BEACH, FLOrder of Suspension
PARDOYESENIAW482092Suspension 9 Month(s)   MIAMI, FLConsent Order
PARISEANTHONYA200166License Surrender   MILFORD, CTConsent Order
PEGUERO LUCIANOLUCIANOW440015Revocation   PORT ST LUCIE, FLOrder of Revocation
PENDERJODORA WHITNEYW532594Suspension 2 Year(s)   FORT MYERS, FLConsent Order
PERAZZO TITLE, LLC. W585777Monetary Penalty1500  NORTH MIAMI BEACH, FLConsent Order
PLACERESJOSEE174482License Surrender   MIAMI LAKES, FLConsent Order
ROCKWELLDAVIDP198006Revocation   CAPE CORAL, FLNotice of Revocation
SANCHEZKARLAW445991Suspension 9 Month(s)   MIAMI, FLConsent Order
SYLVAINJONATHANW258297Suspension 18 Month(s)   FORT LAUDERDALE, FLFinal Order
TRAVISSHEILAP030256Cease & Desist   PENSACOLA, FLOrder to Cease and Desist
VIDAL QUESADAIVISMARYW559296Suspension 3 Month(s)   MIAMI, FLConsent Order
WINERICHARDA288017Revocation   MIAMI, FLOrder of Revocation
WOODSJOHNW454731Suspension 3 Month(s)   WINCHESTER, NHOrder of Suspension

Some of these enforcement actions were resolved through a settlement process resulting in an order for discipline. Notification of enforcement actions is in the public interest. While every effort is made to provide correct information, our readers are cautioned to check with the Department before making a decision based upon this listing. This listing does not reflect pending appeals or requests for hearings. The license or registration status may have changed since the filing of these orders. We suggest that you search the Licensee Search or make a public records request to verify the current status of any license or registration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Copies of previous and current enforcement action documents, which include the allegations, can be located using the appropriate method below:

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Warning: No part of this listing may be used by a licensee to gain an unfair competitive advantage over any person named herein. Any licensee who does do so is in violation of Section 626.9541(1)(c), Florida Statutes.

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