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January 21, 1998



Section 112.061(7)(d)2., Florida Statutes, provides that all mileage shall be shown from the point of origin to point of destination and, when possible, shall be computed on the basis of the current map of the Department of Transportation (DOT). Vicinity mileage necessary for the conduct of official business is allowable, but must be shown as a separate item on the expense voucher.

Mileage should be based on the mileage chart appearing on the DOT map, and any additional mileage incurred as a result of the traveler using an indirect route for the convenience of the traveler is not reimbursable. At times, however, mileage for travel by a usually traveled route may be in excess of the mileage on the DOT mileage chart. In these cases, the traveler should include the additional mileage in the vicinity mileage column on the travel voucher. If it appears that the additional mileage could be questioned as excessive, additional explanation of the additional mileage should be provided on the travel voucher.

If additional information is needed, please contact the Bureau of Auditing at 410-9194, Suncom 210-9194.