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May 15, 1997



A considerable amount of effort is under way to address the Year 2000 problem as it relates to information technology resources currently in the possession of State agencies. We are aware that agencies are also taking certain precautions with the purchase of additional information technology resources to ensure that the products are designed to operate properly upon the arrival of Year 2000. As an additional measure to ensure that the State is properly protected in the event that problems arise with the new products, agencies should require the vendors to certify that the products will operate properly upon the arrival of Year 2000. This certification may be included in the terms and conditions of the contract or purchase order for the acquisition of the products. Future requests for payments for the acquisition of information technology products will not be approved by this office unless the supplier has provided a written certification to the agency. By submission of a payment voucher, the agency will have represented that the written certification has been obtained. Although we will not routinely require the submission of a copy of the certification with each payment voucher, an agency must be prepared to provide a copy upon request. We are aware that the Department of Management Services has included provisions in some State term contracts to address the Year 2000 issue. Agencies will not be required to provide copies of certifications to support requests for payments for purchases from those State term contracts that provide the assurances that the products will operate properly beginning in Year 2000.

If additional information is needed regarding this memorandum, please contact Cheri Greene in the Bureau of Auditing at 488-4098, Suncom 278-4098.