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Division Director

Paul Whitfield

Assistant Director

Mark Merry

Accounting and Auditing
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318

(850) 413-5510
April 2, 1997



Section 112.061, Florida Statutes, as revised July 1, 1996, provides that the Comptroller's Office is to process Class C payments on at least a monthly basis. The change in legislation is intended to be a cost saving measure. The average Class C payment has been by far the lowest of any other payroll payment (approximately $18 per transaction) and has been the most labor intensive payroll to process.

To reduce the costs associated with the Class C payroll, we are in the process of designing a system that reduces data entry efforts by utilizing data already in an existing database as well as converting to a monthly schedule. We are currently implementing enhancements to SAMAS that will allow agencies to input travel for State employees into screens in the Payroll Component of SAMAS. The input process will take advantage of expansion options, currently utilized in Departmental SAMAS, will allow input of all other types of travel (object 26XX) to prevent the need to toggle between different components of SAMAS, and will pull data from the employee's W-4 record.

Travel will continue to be processed through the same components of SAMAS where it is currently processed. This means that all travel other than Class C will be downloaded to Departmental SAMAS and processed just as if it were input directly into Departmental SAMAS. Class C (object 2640 and 2648) will be held in the Payroll Component of SAMAS and processed on the scheduled Class C Payroll. After the Class C payroll is processed a routine will match keyed records to those paid and update Departmental records as appropriate.

We will continue to accept Class C diskettes pursuant to Payroll Memorandum dated September 30, 1994, DBFBP 94-2, for those agencies that have designed and implemented travel systems on a personal computer (PC). If there continues to be a demand for uploading data from PC files, we may allow agencies to load their own data from those computers at a later date. Agencies that utilize this method of input will be required to update their Departmental records.

Effective June 1, 1997, the changes discussed in this memorandum will be implemented. Detailed procedures will be outlined in a Payroll Preparation Manual update which will include a modification of the Payroll Calendar. The first Class C Payroll of each month (for the month of June 1997, this will be June 4, 1997) will be the only available processing date. All other Class C Payrolls currently scheduled on the 1997 BOSP Payroll Calendar will be canceled. Upon implementation of these changes the Bureau of State Payrolls will no longer accept Class C forms (salmon colored form DBF-BP-34).

Training sessions are being offered during the period April 28, 1997, through April 30, 1997, in Room 250 of the Fletcher Building. Due to limited seating we are scheduling four sessions each day of approximately two hours each. Please contact Lora Crutchfield or Nanci NeSmith at 488-7762 or SUNCOM 278-7762 to schedule your attendance. Questions regarding the implementation of the revised Class C procedures should be directed to Zadok Coxwell at 488-7762 or SUNCOM 278-7762.