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Division Director

Paul Whitfield

Assistant Director

Mark Merry

Accounting and Auditing
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318

(850) 413-5510
April 23, 1996



Effective May 1, 1996, agencies will have the capability of entering journal transfers and vouchers for refund of overpayment of taxes from fund 440000 10 1 000902 441000000 00 2200xx 00 directly into Departmental SAMAS. The Bureau of Auditing will no longer accept manual journal transfers and vouchers paid from this fund.

Agencies should use the new transaction code 57, overpayment of taxes, found on the Disbursement Menu for entering these transactions into Departmental SAMAS. The account code for the original deposit (prefix code) will be required to be entered via this screen. The system will allow only one prefix code per voucher. A voucher may have multiple vendors, but only one prefix code. Journal transfers may have multiple prefix codes.

The overpayment of taxes fund code will be provided by the system, except for the last two digits of the category. These must be entered by the agency pursuant to Comptroller's Memo No. 16, (1994-95), categories 220020, refund of state revenues or 220030, refund of non-state revenues.

Agencies will have the ability to make daily corrections or updates, and use the Voucher Summary Report as with other transactions in Departmental SAMAS.

These transactions are not subject to sampling or the load and post process. The journal transfers and vouchers processed through this screen must be forwarded to the Bureau of Auditing for review and posting to the system.

Questions regarding the FLAIR input screen should be directed to the FLAIR Help Desk, 410-9340, Suncom 210-9340. Other questions should be directed to the Bureau of Auditing at 410-9194, Suncom 210-9194.