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Division Director

Paul Whitfield

Assistant Director

Mark Merry

Accounting and Auditing
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318

(850) 413-5510
November 27, 1995



On November 1, 1995, a draft Comptroller's Memorandum was disseminated to all agencies regarding plans to eliminate employee earnings statements for payments by electronic funds transfer and requested agencies provide comments and concerns about this proposal. Based on the feedback received from agencies and employees, proposed elimination of earnings statements will not be effected. Please advise all employees that earnings statements will continue to be provided for payments by electronic funds transfer. Feedback from agencies and employees on this proposal was very much appreciated. We will continue to review and evaluate proposals to increase efficiency, reduce the use of paper and reduce costs in our operations and we encourage all agencies to continue to provide us with their ideas.

Many agencies have done an outstanding job on promoting the advantages of the Direct Deposit program to their employees and we ask that this effort be continued. If additional information is needed, please contact Mike Crowley at 488-2922, Suncom 278-2922.