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March 15, 1995



A new term contract for office chairs, No. 420-001-95-1, has been awarded by the Department of Management Services and was effective March 3, 1995. The contract is based on manufacturers' GSA price lists, which may include some chairs which are more expensive than State agencies generally need to purchase in order to accomplish their statutory duties and responsibilities.

The Office of Comptroller, at the recommendation of the Department of Management Services, has established a maximum allowable price of $500 for chairs available under the contract. Agencies may purchase chairs from any vendor on the contract; however, the price of the chairs may not exceed the established maximum amount of $500.

Additionally, the following maximum prices have been established for furniture which may only be purchased for reception or other public areas: Sofas-$1,200, Love Seats-$900, Wing Back or similar chair-$650.

The price limits established by this memorandum also apply to furniture purchased under contracts entered into by an agency or university and to PRIDE furniture.

If an agency needs to purchase a chair, the cost of which exceeds the established limit, in order to provide a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, the agency should process the invoice for payment in accordance with the instructions in Comptroller's Memorandum No. 8 (1992-93).

All other exceptions to the maximum prices established in this memorandum must be fully justified by the agency and approved in advance by the Comptroller. After the fact exceptions will not be approved.

Any chair ordered by an agency prior to the effective date of this memorandum which exceeded the price limits established by Comptroller's Memoranda No. 7 (1993-94) and No. 1 (1994-95) may be processed for payment if the price does not exceed the maximum prices limit in established by this memorandum.

The maximum prices established in this memorandum will be effective until rescinded or superseded by a later memorandum.

Please direct questions regarding taxation, foreign country tax treatites and exemptions to the Bureau of State Payrolls at 410-9416, Suncom 210-9416. Questions regarding contracts and processing payments through the Voucher Audit System are to be directed to the Bureau of Auditing at 410-9194, Suncom 210-9194.