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August 13, 1992



The Florida Legislature passed legislation that creates the Florida "Get Lean" hotline function within the Comptroller's Office. The purpose of the hotline is to receive information or suggestions from the citizens of the State on how to improve the operation of government, increase governmental efficiency, and eliminate waste in government. The effective date for the activation of the hotline is September 1, 1992.

An integral component of this function will be agency review of the suggestions / comments / allegations received by the hotline, which are related to the programs of the particular agency.

The Comptroller's hotline staff will enter information for each call into a tracking system that will run in the State Comptroller's Data Center. The calls will be evaluated by the hotline staff to determine which agency or agencies have program responsibility related to the subject of the call. The information will then be made electronically accessible to the appropriate agency through the tracking system.

The agency will have 30 days to research the issue and to respond back to the Comptroller via the tracking system. The agency should update the tracking system with the results of any research, a determination of the efficiency of the suggestion and the identification of any action to be taken as a result of the suggestion / comment / allegation within the 30 day period. In addition, the potential dollar savings which could result from implementation of the suggestion or elimination of the waste should also be recorded in the system.

The Comptroller will report each month to the Appropriations Committees of the Legislature on all calls received and the analysis performed by each agency.

By August 24, please contact Charles Johnson at 487-2315 to notify this office of the name and user identification code (user-id) for your agency's official contact for hotline calls. The individual should have access to a SAMAS terminal for input into the tracking system. User documentation will be provided to each agency's official contact.

Your assistance will be appreciated. Technical questions regarding use of the system should be directed to Charles Johnson at 487-2315, Suncom 277-2315. Questions regarding the "Get Lean" hotline program should be directed to Terence McElroy at 488-4844, Suncom 278-4844.