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Division Director

Paul Whitfield

Assistant Director

Mark Merry

Accounting and Auditing
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318

(850) 413-5510

DATE:          July 22, 2005

TO:              Agency Addressed (No. 1, 2005-2006)

FROM:        Douglas A. Darling, Director

                   Division of Accounting & Auditing

                   Department of Financial Services

SUBJECT:    Modifications To The State Standard Revenue Categories

This memo notifies Agencies of a deletion to the current state standard revenue category codes, effective July 22, 2005. Category 001901 - Sales of Goods/Services Outside State Government is obsolete and should no longer be used. Agencies should use one of the following categories:

001904 - Sales of Goods Outside State Government;

001905 - Sale of Services Outside State Government.

Please contact Michael Alexander at (850) 410-9297, Suncom 210-9297 or michael.alexander@fldfs.com if you have any questions.