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Use the following search to produce lists of licensee's type and class (TYCL), licensee name, business or mailing address, month of birth, appointment expiration date, original issue date of appointment, and county code. These lists may be downloaded as formatted files for use in mailings, databases, etc.

Business County

  Appointing Entity Number or Appointing Entity Name
(Appointing Entity Number or at least 3 characters for Appointing Entity Name)

  If using Appt. Entity Name, Search for: Any occurrence of the typed text in the Appt. Entity Name 
Appointing Entity Names beginning with the typed text
All search results include TYCL code, county code, licensee's name, appointment
expiration date, month of birth, original issue date of appointment, and business address. 

This download will produce licensees' official business address records on file with the Department. Please be advised that this address is as current and valid as the licensee has maintained. You may receive a significant number of invalid addresses through this search.

How to Use this Search:
  1. You must enter the desired Appointing Entity Number or at least 3 characters of the Appointing Entity Name (as an option you can also select TYCL Code). Note: You can not select TYCL Code alone.
  2. Narrow your search by selecting a maximum of 10 applicable business counties. You can select multiple counties by pressing CTRL + mouse click (this selects or adds to your selection one county at a time), or SHIFT + mouse click (this selects a range of counties). "All" counties means all Florida's counties and all out of state business' addresses.


The most accurate information possible is used, but information found through this service is not guaranteed to be accurate or timely; nor does the Department of Financial Services guarantee its suitability for any purpose. DFS does not take responsibility for any inaccuracies or omissions in this data.

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