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  • Dollars & Sense - The CFO's weekly online newsletter covers events, projects and financial information for Florida's citizens.
    CFO Jeff Atwater
  • CFO's Homepage  - Link to CFO Atwater's initiatives, newsletter, services, DFS divisions and offices.
    CFO Jeff Atwater
  • Ask Us - Send an e-mail message to Florida's CFO or the Department of Financial Services.
    CFO Jeff Atwater
  • Office of Communications - The Office of Communications serves as the Chief Financial Officer's liaison with the news media. As the primary contact for journalists, the office provides information regarding the CFO's initiatives and Department of Financial Services’ responsibilities.
    CFO Jeff Atwater

Financial Outlook


  • Consumer Advocacy - The Insurance Consumer Advocate represents the public in a wide range of public forums.
    CFO Jeff Atwater

Office continued

  • Contact Us - Email or call the Insurance Consumer Advocate
    CFO Jeff Atwater
  • Insurance Consumer Advocate Overview - Represents the interest of the public and has the authority to intervene before the Division of Administrative Hearings, before the Department of Financial Services (DFS), the Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) and before any forum in matters that arise under the jurisdiction of either DFS or OIR.
    CFO Jeff Atwater
  • Office of the Insurance Consumer Advocate - As Floridians become increasingly dependent on quality insurance products, a strong advocate is needed to represent the people when insurance decisions are made.
    CFO Jeff Atwater
  • OIG Contacts - leadership personnel to help investigate complaints.
    CFO Jeff Atwater
  • News & Media - Read about the Insurance Consumer Advocate in the news.
    CFO Jeff Atwater

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