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State Agencies


  • Accounting Resources - Providing the public with timely, accurate, and comprehensive information on the financial status of the state and its component units.
    Accounting & Auditing
  • Object Codes - State standard used to identify the type of services, materials, or other charges for which funds are expended using the State's accounting system
    Accounting & Auditing
  • FLAIR Resources - All of the components of the FLAIR system on one page: W-2, Vendor Payment History, Consolidated Deductions, Earnings Statements, W-4, direct deposit form, FLAIR Education and Training, Information Warehouse, MRE
    Accounting & Auditing


  • Florida Single Audit Act - State agencies' state audit and accountability requirements for state financial assistance provided to nonstate entities.
    Accounting & Auditing

Cash Management Improvement Act

  • Agreement - The terms for the transfer of financial assistance funds between the Federal government and the State of Florida


  • FLAIR Education - Providing training on the accounting system to state agencies
    Accounting & Auditing
  • FLAIR User Group - Providing a forum for agencies and members of DFS to exchange information regarding the use of FLAIR, including current functionality and future enhancements.
    Accounting & Auditing


  • Agency Addressed Memoranda - Created and sent to agencies when we are providing information or instructions.
    Accounting & Auditing
  • Payroll - Bureau's Memoranda to Agencies
    Accounting & Auditing

New Policies

  • Agency Final Orders  - Searchable database of final agency orders resulting from a proceeding under s. 120.56, 120.57, 120.573, or 120.574, F.S.
    General Counsel
  • CFO Memoranda - Issued to agencies when policies, including statutes, administrative codes, and rules regarding statutory accounting requirements are established.
    Accounting & Auditing


  • Payroll Forms - Links to forms needed to submit state payroll
    Accounting & Auditing

Payroll continued

  • Payroll Functions -Useful information to help state agencies with payroll activities associated with the processing of state employee wage payments:
    Accounting & Auditing

Payroll Services

  • State Payroll Resources - Payroll preparation manual, forms, handbooks, hot topics and contact lists
    Accounting & Auditing

Public Deposits


  • Agency Final Orders - All Notices of Appeal of Agency Final Orders or requests for administrative hearings should be sent to Agency Clerk
    General Counsel


  • Loss Prevention Section - Provides training and consultative services to agency safety coordinators, conducts agency loss prevention and safety program reviews, monitors agency return-to-work programs, and provides administrative support to the Interagency Advisory Council on Loss Prevention.
    Risk Management
  • State Liability Claims - Adjust (investigate, evaluate, deny, settle or defend) claims filed against state of Florida agencies under four statutorily required insurance coverages: general liability, automobile liability, federal civil rights and employment discrimination and court awarded attorney fee coverage.
    Risk Management


  • Training Offered - Advancing Accountability - Best Practices for Contract & Grant Management (State Agencies)
    Accounting & Auditing

Treasury Accounts

Universities/Community Colleges

Vendor Payments

  • Substitute Form W-9 - Taxpayer Identification information (under Vendor Relations) to determine whether a Form 1099 is needed for payment(s) made by an agency of the State of Florida.
    Accounting & Auditing