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 Early American Firefighting
 Ben Franklin
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Famous Early American Firefighters

George Washington

First President of the United States of America

Geo Washintion

George Washington was the first president of the United States of America.  He also was the general of the Continental Army that fought for our independence.  As a young man, he was a colonel for the English militia.  He surveyed much of the Ohio River valley for the king and the areas around Virginia too.  He was a successful farmer and owned a very large farm that still stands today.  His home, Mount Vernon, is a much visited historical site in Virginia.

Did you know that George Washington was a volunteer firefighter too?  Yep!  He was a volunteer firefighter in the town of Alexandria, VA.  In 1774, as a member of the Friendship Veterans Fire Engine Company, he bought a new fire engine and gave it to the town. It was its very first fire engine.  You can see that fire engine today at the Friendship Veterans Fire Engine Company Museum in Alexandria, Va.

Geo Wash. at a Fire

To be a firefighter was, and still is, a noble calling.  Serving the community and helping those who sometimes can least help themselves has its own rewards.  George Washington and many other famous Americans were proud members of the fire departments of our cities and towns.

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