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Safety First

Division of Risk Management

Bureau of Loss Prevention

State of Florida Loss Prevention Program

Training Videos

Take a few minutes to browse through our safety videos. Our videos are produced in house by the SFLPP, and we are constantly adding new videos for training purposes. Please check our video website section regularly to view the latest safety videos. One feature of our video library is that it includes 3 to 5 minute training videos and full length training videos which may be as long as one hour. Please be patient; some of these videos may take a few minutes to load.




Check out a 60-second video from CDC. Then pledge to protect your teen driver. You pledged to protect your teen from the day they were born. Watch a new video and make your own pledge to keep your teen driver safe.


If you have any questions or concerns, e-mail Risk Services at StateLossPreventionProgram@myfloridacfo.com