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Safety First

Division of Risk Management

Bureau of Loss Prevention, State of Florida Loss Prevention Program

Florida Statutes and Rules

Risk Management, Loss Prevention, Occupational Health and Safety, and other laws and rules are available here. We have started this link with Florida laws, and will add additional laws and rules as we find them.

State Risk Management and Safety Programs

State Property Claims (ss. 284.01-284.17)

State Casualty Claims(ss. 284.30-284.44)

Safety Programs (s. 284.50)

If you have any questions regarding Florida Statutes or Rules pertaining to Safety or Loss Prevention, please contact the State of Florida Loss Prevention Program by clicking on the link below.

Statute and Rule Clarification

If you have any questions or concerns, e-mail Risk Services at StateLossPreventionProgram@myfloridacfo.com