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Jeff Atwater

As Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, I am committed to ensuring that every citizen and every business negatively affected by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill are made whole. While the stories have dropped from the headlines, I am well aware that real struggles continue, and I am determined to ensure every legitimate claim gets paid and every community is restored.

Even for those of you who have accepted final payment from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF), I know that does not mean your challenges are over. Many Floridians are facing economic challenges today, that's why I launched Your Money Matter$, a financial education initiative that aims to teach Floridians of all ages how to make the most out of their money, and for small businesses how to strengthen and grow their enterprises.

My Department has been involved from the beginning and understands that oil spill victims are not asking for a handout, only what they are due. When that happens, only then can we declare an end to the oil spill.

Florida Claim Office Locations

Claims Offices are available to assist you 9:00 am to 7:00 pm local time, Monday through Saturday.

Clearwater, FL, (Map It & Get Directions)
2551 Drew Street
Suite 303
Clearwater, FL 33765

Fort Myers, FL, (Map It & Get Directions)
5240 Bank Street
Units 1 and 2
Fort Myers, FL 33907

Panama City Beach, FL, (Map It & Get Directions)
7938 Front Beach Road
Panama City Beach, FL 32408

Pensacola, FL, (Map It & Get Directions)
7555 Hwy 98 West
Suites 3 & 4
Pensacola, FL 32506

For a complete listing of office locations, please visit the DWH site at: http://www.deepwaterhorizoneconomicsettlement.com/facility.php