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DFS Rule Hearings & Workshops
and Notices of Public Meetings

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Here is a generic Agenda for rulemaking workshops or hearings .

Revised:  2/12/2013.  Please note that hearings have only been scheduled, not requested, unless otherwise noted.

Rule No. 69L-6.026
Rule Title Periodic Reports (REPEAL)
Date 2-19-2013
Time 10:00 AM
Place Rm. 102 Hartman Bldg.
Type Hearing
Summary of Rule Rule 69L-6.026, F.A.C., requires employers who are issued stop-work orders, where the assessed penalty exceeds $50,000, to file quarterly compliance reports with the Division of Workers’ Compensation. The Division is now able to efficiently monitor such compliance through the use of their data systems, which renders the filing of such employer reports unnecessary. Likewise, given the elimination of the need to file such reports, the rule, likewise, becomes unnecessary and is repealed.
Attorney Fijman
Contact Robin Delaney
Rule No. 69L-26.003
Rule Title Computation of Time (REPEAL)
Date 2-19-2013
Time 10:30 AM
Place Rm. 102 Hartman Bldg.
Type Hearing
Summary of Rule The guidelines regarding the “Computation of Time” that governed when the Division of Workers’ Compensation’s Employee Assistance and Ombudsman Office could initiate contact with an injured employee or their representative were made obsolete by the 2002 amendment of s. 440.191, F.S.
Attorney Fijman
Contact Stephen Yon
Rule No. 69C-6.003
Rule Title The Plan; Prescribed Forms
Date 3-1-2013
Time 2:00 PM
Place Rm. 440-C Hermitage Bldg.
Type Workshop
Summary of Rule Updates to the rule due to changes to and clarifications of the Federal deferred compensation regulations.
Attorney Hayes
Contact Kandi Winters
Rule No. 69A-37.039

Text of Rule
Rule Title Prescribed Forms for Training and Certification
Programs of Study and Vocational Courses
Date 3-6-2013
Time 1:00 PM
Place State Fire College, 11655 NW Gainesville Road, Ocala
Type Workshop
Summary of Rule The Department is holding a third workshop for the purpose of exploring options with the public for the implementation of new programs of study and vocational courses relating to standards for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications. The workshop may also include a general discussion of the current Fire Officer Program including length of programs, content of programs, instructor requirements, prerequisite requirements, certification requirements, and proposed rule development in that regard. The proposed amendment will also adopt Form DFS-K4-2085, Application for Fire Code Administrator Certification.
Attorney Karniewicz
Contact Bill Wentlandt at 352-369-2829 or