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Division Director

Sha'Ron James

Division of Rehabilitation and Liquidation
Alexander Bldg.,
2020 Capital Circle SE, Ste. 310
Tallahassee, FL 32301
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Provider Information
Universal Health Care Insurance Company, Inc.


I am a provider and need to file a claim. Where do I obtain a Proof-of-Claim form and filing instuctions?

Please complete a "Contact Us Form" and the Receiver will mail you a Proof-of-Claim form.

Who will pay claims for services rendered prior to an order of liquidation?

Claims such as these are referred to as pre-insolvency claims. Claims for services or goods provided to or on behalf of the UHCIC policyholders must be filed with the Receiver on the Receiver’s Proof of Claim Form in order to be considered for payment.  At a later date, the Receiver will provide additional instructions to all known subscribers, medical providers, and other creditors UHCIC regarding the filing process. 

The procedure for the filing and evaluation of claims in a receivership is set out in Part I, Chapter 631, Florida Statutes. Assuming there are sufficient assets in the receivership, the Receiver will evaluate claims in order of their priority as set out in Section 631.271, Florida Statutes. This statute establishes a system of priorities in paying claims. When the evaluation process has been completed, the Receiver will file a report with the Court setting out our recommendations as to the amounts, if any, which should be allowed on each of the claims evaluated. Notice of the Receiver’s recommendations and the deadline for filing any objections to the recommendations will then be provided to the claimants. It is unlikely that claimants will receive any correspondence or other communication from the Receiver until that time unless the Receiver has questions regarding the claim which has been filed. This is because the Receiver is trying to minimize the claims’ processing costs in order to maximize potential distribution to the claimants.

During the claims evaluation period, the Receiver also commences litigation and/or takes whatever other action is necessary to collect and maximize the assets of the receivership estate. Please note: it may be several years before distributions, if any, are made in this receivership. Distributions of assets are made on a pro rata basis in accordance with the priority of claims which is set out in Section 631.271, Florida Statutes. Those whose claims fall into lower priorities are paid only if there is money left after paying the higher priority claims. It is too early in the receivership process for the Receiver to provide any estimate as to the timing and/or the pro rata percentage of the distributions, if any, which may be made in this receivership.


How will the Receiver evaluate my claim?

In an effort to apply an equitable and cost efficient methodology to every claim and to treat all medical provider claims equally, the rates used represent standard Medicare rates.  Regardless of any other prior existing contracts or fee schedules all eligible medical claims were evaluated at 100% of 2013 applicable regional Medicare rates and Medicare coverage and billing guidelines. Unbundled line items in a claim that do not meet Medicare Correct Coding Initiative Guidelines will be repriced to zero.


I received a payment from Universal for services provided to one of their members; however, the amount of payment is more than owed. What should I do?

From the Receiver’s website, www.myfloridacfo.com/division/receiver, complete a Contact Us form advising the Receiver of the overpayment. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Member name
  • UHCIC ID (Member) Number
  • Date of Service
  • Claim Number
  • Provider’s Name
  • Amount of overpayment
  • Date of Check
  • If Provider received a letter:
    • Date of Letter
    • Sender’s name and contact information


The Receiver will contact you regarding the overpayment.

Additional information concerning the receivership process is available at http://www.myfloridacfo.com/Division/Receiver