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Greg Thomas

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Resident Travel Insurance for a Firm

Type and Class

  • 2-41 Resident Travel Insurance (Firm)

Florida Statutes 626.321 (1) (c) defines “TRAVEL INSURANCE” as policies and certificates of travel insurance which may provide coverage for risks incidental to travel, planned travel, or accommodations while traveling, including, but not limited to, accidental death and dismemberment of a traveler; trip cancellation, interruption, or delay; loss of or damage to personal effects or travel documents; baggage delay; emergency medical travel or evacuation of a traveler; or medical, surgical, and hospital expenses related to an illness or emergency of a traveler. Any such policy or certificate may be issued for terms longer than 90 days, but each policy or certificate, other than a policy or certificate providing coverage for air ambulatory services only, must be limited to coverage for travel or use of accommodations of no longer than 90 days. The license may be issued only:

  1. To a full-time salaried employee of a common carrier or a full-time salaried employee or owner of a transportation ticket agency and may authorize the sale of such ticket policies only in connection with the sale of transportation tickets, or to the full-time salaried employee of such an agent. No such policy shall be for a duration of more than 48 hours or for the duration of a specified one-way trip or round trip.
  2. To an entity or individual that is:
    • The developer of a timeshare plan that is the subject of an approved public offering statement under chapter 721;
    • An exchange company operating an exchange program approved under chapter 721;
    • A managing entity operating a timeshare plan approved under chapter 721;
    • A seller of travel as defined in chapter 559; or
    • A subsidiary or affiliate of any of the entities described above.


A licensee shall require each employee who offers policies or certificates under this subparagraph to receive initial training from a general lines agent or an insurer authorized under chapter 624 to transact insurance within this state. For an entity applying for a license as a travel insurance agent, the fingerprinting requirement of this section applies only to the president, secretary, and treasurer and to any other officer or person who directs or controls the travel insurance operations of the entity.

Application Qualifications:

  • Complete an online application for License and submit appropriate fees. Apply for license
  • Majority owner, partner, officer and director of the agency must not be an employee of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or state service office, as referred to in Section 626.833, Florida Statutes.
  • The majority owner, partner, officer and director of the agency must be fingerprinted. [Click here and follow the instructions]

Special Notes:

Each office, branch office or place of business making use of the entity’s business name must file an “Application for Branch Office” after the primary location obtains the license. Individual employees of the licensed firm are permitted to conduct business without obtaining an individual travel license.