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Protecting seniors from financial fraud and abuse.

Health Insurance Reform and You
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Consumers can submit a request for assistance with insurance products, including bonds, warranties and annuities, online.

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Before you sign a contract or write a check make sure that the company, broker or agent is licensed to do business in Florida.




American Debt Settlement Solutions, Inc. (ADSS): The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has filed a complaint in federal district court against Florida debt-relief company American Debt Settlement Solutions, Inc. (ADSS) alleging that the company misled consumers by charging illegal fees for their services. ADSS is accused of routinely charging illegal upfront fees for debt-relief services that rarely, if ever, materialized. Other charges include falsely promising to settle debts within a specific timeframe and enrolling consumers who were not likely to successfully complete their programs causing further debt. Read more…

Warranty Offer Alert: Floridians who have received a warranty offer from HomeServe USA Repair Management Corp. are urged to carefully review the offer for an “optional service plan.” The Miami-based insurance agency is reported to have mailed notices to 600,000 Florida residents in November 2012, and consumers are complaining that the notice looks like a bill from a government agency.The mailing asks the customer to send a check for $4.99 in the return envelope and agree to future checking account withdrawals to cover potential repairs to the homeowner’s water line. Click here for an article about the complaints.

The Division of Consumer Services has provided a list of suggestions to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners on steps to improve the recovery process for disaster victims, stating: “Every dollar spent on insurance must count, and policyholders must be able to count on their insurance coverage.” Click here to read the list of suggestions.

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Rule Notices

The Division of Consumer Services announces that Rule Chapter 69J-8, Alternative Procedure for Resolution of Disputed Sinkhole Insurance Claims, has been adopted with an effective date of December 26, 2013. The revisions to the rule were made to conform the rule to current statutory requirements. The changes address the following subject areas: neutral evaluator qualifications, notice of the availability of neutral evaluation, procedure to request neutral evaluation, selection of the neutral evaluator and filing of the neutral evaluation report. Click here, to view Rule Chapter 69J-8.