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August 2016 Enforcement Actions

Last/Business NameFirst NameLicenseDispositionFine ($)Cost ($)Restitution ($)City, StateDocumentation
AvilaGiselleW115152License Revoked   Miami, FLConsent Order
BannisterCandiusP130259License Suspended 6 Month(s)   Sarasota, FLOrder of Suspension
BurrowsDarylP112462License Revoked   Jacksonville, FLOrder of Revocation
CalvoMayoryP135440License Suspended   Doral, FLNotice of Temporary Suspension
CAMPBELLRomieW099104License Revoked   Winter Haven, FLNotice of Revocation
ColonDeysiW131898License Revoked   Bradenton, FLOrder of Revocation
Consolidated Ins Nation, dba Ins Nation L032644Probation and Fine35000  Miami, FLConsent Order
FERNANDEZAlinaA082772License Suspended   Miami, FLNotice of Temporary Suspension
First Family Insurance Inc L055397Fined5000  Fort Myers, FLConsent Order
FrederickLeighE140644License Revoked   Ormond Beach, FLConsent Order
Frederick Title Services Inc dba Summit E180744License Revoked   Ormond Beach, FLConsent Order
GrinsteinBenjaminP189729Probation and Fine500  Jacksonville, FLConsent Order
JeveliTheodoreW082231License Revoked   Fort Myers, FLConsent Order
LeKatherineD025184License Suspended   Houston, MDNotice of Temporary Suspension
LopezRigobertoW086826License Suspended 2 Month(s)   Miami, FLOrder of Suspension
MarraJasonE097588Probation and Fine5000  Fort Myers, FLConsent Order
MastrapaRobertP099083Fined5816  Miami, FLConsent Order
MiddletonChristopherP063126License Suspended   Holiday, FLNotice of Temporary Suspension
MorcateCarlosE069831Cease & Desist and Fine2500  Plantation, FLConsent Order
PyleJohnE037832Probation and Fine5000  Ormond Beach, FLConsent Order
ReneNakensP091284License Suspended 2 Month(s)   Oakland Park, FLOrder of Suspension
SchneiderShawnW059625License Suspended 3 Month(s)   Melbourne, FLConsent Order
SpornDylanP117160License Surrendered   Boca Raton, FLConsent Order
ThomasShanaW173274License Revoked   Davenport, FLOrder of Revocation
Thompson JrRichardA264632License Revoked   Indialantic, FLOrder of Revocation
YenchoPatriciaA292027Probation and Fine7500  Vero Beach, FLConsent Order
ZinmanAndrewW136383Probation and Fine3000  Fort Lauderdale, FL

Some of these enforcement actions were resolved through a settlement process resulting in an order for discipline. Notification of enforcement actions is in the public interest. While every effort is made to provide correct information, our readers are cautioned to check with the Department before making a decision based upon this listing. This listing does not reflect pending appeals or requests for hearings. The license or registration status may have changed since the filing of these orders. We suggest that you search the Licensee Search or make a public records request to verify the current status of any license or registration.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Copies of previous and current enforcement action documents, which include the allegations, can be located by searching the Division of Legal Services' database. For further information, you may make a public records request via email or contact the Public Records Unit.

Warning: No part of this listing may be used by a licensee to gain an unfair competitive advantage over any person named herein. Any licensee who does do so is in violation of Section 626.9541(1)(c), Florida Statutes.

You may do a search of valid license and registration holders by visiting our Licensee Search page.