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Financial Literacy Month - April 2015

In recognition of April as Financial Literacy Month, Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater will highlight a financial tip each week throughout the month. In addition to these tips, you can test your financial knowledge on budgeting, saving, credit and banking with our interactive "Jeopardy" themed game. Choose from three levels of difficulty: beginner, intermediate and advanced. To view these tips and to play Jeopardy, click HERE.

Each week, CFO Atwater will also highlight a financial literacy initiative that provides Florida's consumers with the information needed to create, maintain and strengthen your financial knowledge.  This week's highlight is:

Family Foundations - an online financial literacy and education initiative designed to provide Hispanic Floridians and their families with important information on banking, savings and debt to help build a strong financial future. The Family Foundations Virtual City provides informational videos, tip sheets and pre/post tests to allow individuals to gauge their knowledge before and after each of the three modules. Information is available in both English and Spanish.