Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater welcomes you to Your Money Matter$, his comprehensive financial literacy website created to provide Florida's consumers of all stages of life with the information and resources needed to create, save for and maintain a strong financial future. Your Money Matter$ provides information on a variety of financial topics with tips and resources to help you protect your hard earned money, plan for the future and avoid falling victim to financial frauds, scams and identity theft. Your Money Matters! Explore the website to learn more.

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Learn to Save from Military Servicemembers

CFO Jeff Atwater recognizes the unique challenges facing the military and encourages servicemembers and their families to work toward financial stability by planning for the future and making responsible financial decisions daily. The Department of Financial Services compiled video testimonials of servicemembers who have successfully navigated financial challenges and the techniques they used to reach their financial goals. The video testimonial is posted on the Financial Frontlines page with information and resources to educate servicemembers about financial fraud and debt.