July is Disaster Education and Awareness Month! The simple steps of having a plan, some supplies along with important information can make a big difference in the face of a variety of disasters, large or small. The Department of Financial Services stands ready with various guides, videos and other resources to help inform you on what to do before, during and after a disaster. Visit the Division of Consumer Services’ Disaster Preparedness page to review information on a variety of topics including insurance coverage, gathering important documentation and even how to avoid scams that pop up during emergency situations. Throughout the month, we’ll feature tips to Insure, Secure and Recover from a disaster. While planning for a disaster might not be as fun as planning for a vacation, you will end up saving time, worry, money and even your life!

You’ve weathered the storm or made it through some other emergency by making sure you were properly insured and had important financial documents secured! Now it’s time to Recover! This process will be easier for you now. This After a Disaster tip sheet will help you with the recovery process. #Recover

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