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For years, the federal government has failed to make the sales tax deduction permanent like the income tax deduction, despite bipartisan support. This kind of haphazard governance has contributed to an environment of uncertainty that weighs down the economy.

It is simply unfair that Americans who pay state income taxes enjoy a permanent tax deduction, while the sales tax deduction for Floridians has to be renewed every few years. In 2010 alone, 1.9 million Florida tax returns deducted an average of $1,383 in sales tax.

The sales tax deduction actually expired in 2012. It was only renewed at the last minute as part of the fiscal cliff negotiations and is still only temporary while the income tax deduction remains permanent, punishing taxpayers in states without an income tax.This outcome is not only unfair, but it will have negative economic consequences for Florida.

I have sent a letter to Florida’s congressional delegation asking for their support in making the sales tax deduction permanent. Join me in advocating for tax parity so that Floridians and millions of other Americans are not arbitrarily penalized.

Clicking "Lend Your Support" will add your name to the follow up letter I will be sending to our federal leaders.

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