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Fraud and Consumer Protection

Consumer Services

The Division of Consumer Services helps consumers make informed insurance and financial decisions. Our dedicated and experienced staff are continuously trained and informed about any changes that occur in the 26 different categories of insurance. Consumer Assistance and Protection is Our Mission.

Strike Force

The 11-member Medicaid and Public Assistance Fraud Strike Force was created during the 2010 Legislative Session to increase the effectiveness of programs and initiatives that work to prevent, detect and prosecute Medicaid and public assistance fraud.

Insurance Fraud

The Division of Insurance Fraud is the law enforcement arm of the Department of Financial Services and is responsible for investigating insurance fraud, crimes associated with claim fraud, insurance premium fraud, workers’ compensation claim fraud, workers’ compensation premium avoidance and diversions, insurer insolvency fraud, unauthorized insurance entity fraud and insurance agent crimes. The law enforcement detectives of the Division of Insurance Fraud also investigate viatical application fraud, defalcations of escrow funds held in trust by title insurance firms and non-Medicaid related health care fraud.

Money Service Business Workers’ Comp Fraud Work Group

The purpose of the work group was to review in depth the practices of the check cashing services industry that aid in workers’ compensation premium fraud.  Through research and hearings the work group shall identify the loopholes that allow shell construction companies to be established, evaluate the operation of check cashing services, identify any ambiguity related to enforcement of the laws governing these entities, and identify any potential revisions to the statutory framework to eliminate workers’ compensation premium fraud.

Report Fraud

The Department of Financial Services is proud of our accomplishments in finding and prosecuting fraud, but we could use your help. If you are a victim of fraud or suspect fraud is occurring, we want to hear from you. Together we can work to put these criminals out of business and make sure that Floridians are protected from those who seek to defraud their fellow citizens.

Public Assistance Fraud

The Division of Public Assistance Fraud works to prevent, detect and prosecute public assistance fraud. With field offices around the state, the Division of Public Assistance Fraud’s staff is well positioned to take a regional approach to identifying and addressing fraud.

Workers’ Comp

The Division of Workers’ Compensation ensures that Florida’s workers’ compensation system is healthy and useful. The division’s duties include educating the public about their workers’ compensation rights and responsibilities, compiling and monitoring system data and promoting and advocating accident prevention in the workplace.

Detect Arson

The Bureau of Fire and Arson Investigations is the law enforcement branch of the division, and is responsible for conducting fire, arson and explosives investigations as well as other associated crimes (i.e. insurance fraud, homicide, motor vehicle theft, terrorism, etc.) across the state, including suppression of arson and the investigation of the cause, origin, and circumstances of fire.

Office of Fiscal Integrity

The Office of Fiscal Integrity is the investigative branch of the Division of Accounting and Auditing. OFI comprises accountants, investigators and law enforcement detectives. It specializes in the investigation of complex contract and grant fraud as well as schemes that involve the theft of state funds. Instances of intentional misuse of state funds can be reported to