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Apparatus Class

Transfer and applicability of course credits are generally the most important concerns for any student. At the Florida State Fire College, this issue takes two directions. First is the applicability of courses to State certification and second is the applicability of course credits to the Associate in Science degree.

Please refer to the Programs of Study section to find the appropriate sequences of courses to prepare you for whichever certification you seek. If you have a question about the applicability of a course from another institution, please inquire directly with the Standards section for a determination before you apply for the certification test.

In terms of degree credit, requirements may vary depending upon the community college from which you intend to receive the degree. Please check directly with that college's fire science program coordinator well before the semester you intend to make your graduation application. The Florida State Fire College will provide whatever information is needed by your community college to help resolve issues of transfer of credit.

The various certificates you receive from the Florida State Fire College and the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training are important documents. These are your proof of eligibility for certification testing and/or transfer of credit into your degree program. Please safeguard these documents by putting them in a secure place, as it is your responsibility to produce appropriate documentation when required. While duplicate certificates and diplomas can be made, at a charge of $5.00 per item, the time it takes to process such requests could keep you from meeting an important deadline for certification or promotional testing.


The Florida State Fire College grading scale is as follows:

100-93 = A,   92-85 = B,   84-78 = C,   77-70 = D,   69-0 = F.


Cheating Policy

Any student who has been determined to have cheated on any test or examination administered under Chapter 633, Florida Statutes, is subject to disciplinary action to, and including dismissal from all courses in which the student is enrolled at the State Fire College without permission to reapply for any course administered by the State Fire College for a period not to exceed five years from the date of the test or examination during which the student has been determined to have cheated.

"Cheated on any test or examination" means intentionally using any unapproved means, method, technique, document, or instrumentality to challenge or take any test or examination administered by the State Fire College.

Any student alleged to have cheated on an examination and against whom disciplinary action is sought to be taken is subject to proceedings under Chapter 120, Florida Statutes.

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