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FLAIR File Layout Display

File Layout

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File Layout Display
    AR Customer Update Input Record Format
   I.  Security Header Record:
       Position     Format       Description
         1-1          A1         Header Record Identifier - H
         2-12         A11        Organization
        13-19         A7         User Name
         II.  AR Customer Update Record:
       Position     Format       Description
         1-6          A6         Filler
         7-15         A9         Customer Number
        16-16         A1         Filler
        17-32         A16        Short Name
        33-43         N11        Organization
        44-52         N9         Other Identification Number
        53-68         A16        Description
        69-99         A31        Address Line 1
       100-130        A31        Address Line 2
       131-161        A31        Address Line 3
       162-177        A16        City
       178-179        A2         State
       180-188        N9         Zip Code
       189-219        A31        Country
       220-220        A1         Status
       221-230        A10        Filler
       231-236        N6         Filler
       237-242        N6         Filler
       243-273        A31        Customer Name Line 1
       274-304        A31        Customer Name Line 2
Note:  Fields on the vendor client record may be overridden by input of
       another data code or may be erased by input of a '-' in the first
       position of the input field.  The fields which may be erased are
       noted in the field requirements below.

      Field Name                        Requirements   
 Security Header Record:
      Security Header Indicator         Required - Value 'H'
      Organization                      Required
      User Name                         Required
      Field Name                        Requirements
 Input Detail Record:
    Customer Number                   Required - Must be numeric
    Customer Short Name               Optional
    Organization L1-L5                Optional - Must be numeric
    Other Identification Number       Optional - Must be numeric
    Description                       Optional
    Address Line 1                    Optional see note (1)
    Address Line 2                    Optional see note (1)
    Address Line 3                    Optional see note (1)
           City, State and Zip Code          Optional see notes (1), (2) and (3)
           Country                           Optional see notes (1), (2) and (3)
   Status                            Optional - Must be 1, 2, 3, or 4
         Customer Name 1                   Optional see note (1)
         Customer Name 2                   Optional see note(1)

After the AR Customer record is updated, the record must meet the following requirements:
     (1)  Total AR Customer name (lines 1 and 2) and address may not exceed five     
          lines.  (city, state and zip count as one line)
     (2)  City, state and zip or country are required.
     (3)  If city, state and zip are present, country is not allowed.  
          If country is present, city, state and zip are not allowed. 
File Layout

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