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FLAIR File Layout Display

File Layout

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File Layout Display
AR Customer Add Input Record Format
   I.  Security Header Record:
       Position       Format       Description
         1-1            A1         Header Record Identifier - H
         2-12           A11        Organization
        13-19           A7         User Name

        II.  AR Customer Add Record:
       Position       Format       Description
         1-6            A6         Filler
         7-15           A9         Customer Number
        16-16           A1         Filler
        17-32           A16        Short Name
        33-43           N11        Organization
        44-52           N9         Other Identification Number
        53-68           A16        Description
        69-99           A31        Address Line 1
       100-130          A31        Address Line 2
       131-161          A31        Address Line 3
       162-177          A16        City
       178-179          A2         State
       180-188          N9         Zip Code
       189-219          A31        Country
       220-220          N1         Filler
       221-226          A6         Filler
       227-230          A4         Filler
       231-236          N6         Filler
       237-242          N6         Filler
       243-273          A31        Customer Name Line 1
       274-304          A31        Customer Name Line 2

Field Name                  Requirements 
   Security Header Record:
     Security Header Indicator     Required - Value 'H'
     Organization                  Required
     User Name                     Required
   Input Detail Record:
     Customer Number               Required - Must be numeric
     Customer Short Name           Required
     Organization L1-L5            Optional - Must be numeric
     Other Identification Number   Optional - Must be numeric
     Description                   Optional
     Address Line 1                Required (1)
     Address Line 2                Optional (1)
     Address Line 3                Optional (1)
     City, State and Zip Code      Required if country is blank; (1) 
                                   Invalid if country is present; If one is  
                                   present then all three must be present.  
                                   State must be valid two digit state abbreviation.
                                   Zip Code - Must be numeric
     Country                       Required if city, state and zip is blank (1)
                                   Invalid if city, state and zip are present 
     Customer Name 1               Required
     Customer Name 2               Optional
(1) Total AR Customer name (lines 1 and 2) and address can not exceed five lines
(city, state and zip count as one line).
File Layout

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