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FLAIR File Layout Display

File Layout

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File Layout Display
Vendor Employee Add Input Record Format
 I.  Security Header Record:
     Position     Format      Description
       1-1          A1        Header Record Identifier - H
       2-12         A11       Organization
      13-19         A7        User Name

II.  Vendor Employee Add Record:
     Position     Format      Description
       1-6          A6        Filler
       7-15         A9        Vendor Number
      16-16         A1        Filler
      17-32         A16       Vendor Name - Last
      33-48         A16       Vendor Name - First
      49-49         A1        Vendor Name - Middle Initial
      50-65         A16       Vendor Short Name
      66-76         N11       Organization L1-L5
      77-85         N9        Other Identification Number
      86-101        A16       Description
     102-132        A31       Address Line 1
     133-163        A31       Address Line 2
     164-194        A31       Address Line 3
     195-210        A16       City
     211-212        A2        State
     213-221        N9        Zip Code
     222-252        A31       Country
     253-253        N1        Filler
     254-259        A6        Filler
     260-263        A4        Filler
     264-269        N6        Filler
     270-275        N6        Filler
     FIELD NAME                    REQUIREMENTS
     Security Header Record:
     Header Record Identifier      Required - Value 'H'
     Organization                  Required
     User Name                     Required
     Vendor Add Record:
     Vendor Number                 Required - Must be numeric
     Vendor Name - Last            Required
      FIELD NAME                  REQUIREMENTS
      Vendor Name - First         Required
      Vendor Name - Mi            Optional
      Vendor Short Name           Required
      Organization L1-L5          Optional - Must be numeric
      Other Identification #      Optional - Must be numeric
      Description                 Optional
      Address Line 1              Optional
      Address Line 2              Optional
      Address Line 3              Optional
                                  Optional -
      City                                   Unless address is present then
      State                                  required; invalid if country is
      Zip Code                               present; if one is present then
                                             all three must be present.  State
                                             must be valid two digit state
                                             abbreviation.  Zip Code - Must be
      Country                     Optional - Unless address is present and
                                             city, state, and zip is not
                                             present then required; invalid
                                             if city, state, and zip is
File Layout

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