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FLAIR File Layout Display

File Layout

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File Layout Display

***************Batch Update of Property Master Records Status Code**************

 I.  Security Header Record:

      Position     Format    Description
        1-1          A1      Header Record Identifier - Value 'H'
        2-12         A11     Organization
       13-19         A7      User Name

II.  Property Master Update Record:

      Position     Format    Description
        1-8          A8      Item
        9-16         A8      Disp/Trans Date (yyyymmdd)
       17-18         A2      Disposition Authority
       19-19         A1      Filler

III. Edits

     Field Name                      Requirements
     Security Header Record:
     Security Header Indicator       Required  - Value 'H'
     Organization                    Required  - Value 'Security Level Org
                                                 Followed By (**)'
     User Name                       Required

  NOTE: The security record must have update capability for the fixed assets
        custodial (FC) function and the CID must be titled on the property
        custodian file.

     If errors occur in security record except: 'password will expire in x days'
     processing of batch will stop.

     Field Name                      Requirements

     Input Record:
     Item Number                     Required - Must be a SC '8' record on the
                                                Property Master File within
                                                Security Org/AU/CID Range

     Disp/Trans Date                 Required - Cannot be > current date and
                                                must be valid yyyymmdd

     Disposition Authority           Required - Must be input and be on the
                                                FLAIR Title File

Note: Records found to have errors will be excluded from the update and will
      appear on an error listing with the reason(s) for rejection.
      Update to property master, generation of property history and
      generation of transaction history will occur for records that pass
      editing process.


File Layout

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