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Fixed Capital Outlay Certifications

I. Security Header Record:

    Position   Format   Description
      1-1       A1      Header Record Identifier - Value 'H'
      2-12      A11     Security Organization
     13-19      A7      User Name

    Field Name                  Requirements
    Header Record Identifier    Required - Value 'H'
    Security Organization       Required |- Must have update capability
    User Name                   Required |  for CF function.

II. Transaction 1sx FCO Certifications Input Record:

    Position      Format       Description
       1-11       A11          Project Id
      12-19       A8           Budget Entity
      20-23       A4           Fund
      24-29       A6           Category
      30-31       A2           Year
      32-33       N2           IBI
      34-34       A1           Program Approved
      35-35       A1           Arch & Eng Contract
      36-36       A1           Construction Contract
      37-37       A1           Purchase Complete
      38-38       A1           Force Account Approved
      39-51       N11.2        Estimated Certifications Balance
      52-64       N11.2        Study Amount
      65-77       N11.2        Design Amount
      78-90       N11.2        Land Purchase Amount
     91-103       N11.2        Construction/Contingency Amount
    104-116       N11.2        Equipment Amount
    117-129       N11.2        Reserve Amount
    130-179       A50          Comments(1)
    180-229       A50          Comments(2)
    230-279       A50          Comments(3)

   Field Name                     Requirements
   Project Id                     Required - Must be on Project
                                            Information File
   Budget Entity                  Required - Must be on Title File
   Fund                           Required - 1st digit must be 1,2,3 or 4
   Category                       Required - 1st two digits must be '08'or'14'                                       
   Field Name                        Requirements
                                            but cannot = 080000 or 140000
                                            - Must be numeric
   Year                              Required - Must be numeric
   IBI                               Required - Must be on Title File
                                              defaults to 00
   Program Approved                  Optional - Y,N or O; defaults to O
   Arch & Eng Contract               Optional - Y,N Or O; defaults to O
   Construction Contract             Optional - Y,N Or O; defaults to O
   Purchase Complete                 Optional - Y,N Or O; defaults to O
   Force Account Approved            Optional - Y,N Or O; defaults to O
   Estimated Certifications Balance  Optional - Cannot be < 0. Must be numeric
   Study Amount                       |--
   Design Amount                      |---
   Land Purchase Amount               |----    At least one of these amount
                                      |----    fields.
   Construction/Contingency Amount    |-----   Must be input.
   Equipment Amount                   |----    Cannot be < 0.
   Reserve Amount                     |---     Must be numeric
   Comments(1)                       Optional - Unless reserve amount is input
   Comments(2)                       Optional
   Comments(3)                       Optional





File Layout

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