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Division Director

Greg Thomas

Agent and Agency Services
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318
Bureau of Licensing
(850) 413-3137
Bureau of Investigation
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00-57 Neutral Evaluator

Florida Statute 627.706(2)(c) defines a "neutral evaluator" as a professional engineer or a professional geologist who has completed a course of study in alternative dispute resolution designed or approved by the department for use in the neutral evaluation process, who is determined to be fair and impartial.

All applicants must file an application under oath to the department for approval.

State Qualifications

Must be completed within the last four years:

  • Applicant must have successfully completed a 40-hour county or circuit mediation training program in alternative dispute resolution by one of these approved providers, which has been approved by the Department of Financial Services; and
  • Applicant can not be currently employed by a property insurer, property insurance adjuster, or adjusting firm; and
  • A Bachelors degree or higher in Engineering, Geology or related earth science; and
  • Applicant must be a Professional Engineer or Professional Geologist with experience and expertise in the identification of sinkhole activity as well as other potential causes of structural damage.