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Division Director

Tanner Holloman

Assistant Director

Andrew Sabolic

Workers' Compensation
200 East Gaines Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0318
Workers' Compensation Claims
(800) 342-1741
Workers' Compensation Exemption/ Compliance
(850) 413-1609

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Public Records Requests

Public Records are records which may be requested in accordance with the Public Records Law, Chapter 119, Florida Statutes. Requests may be submitted via mail, email, fax or telephone. While the Public Records Law does not require a written request, an email confirmation of a telephone request will clearly identify which records have been requested so that we provide the best public service and accurately respond to the request.

Each request must include: Requestor name, mailing address, phone number and specific details of the request (i.e. social security number, claimant’s full name, nature of request, etc.).

Requests may be submitted to:

Public Records



Division-Assigned Numbers

All requests for Division Assigned Numbers must be in writing (email, fax, or letter) and the following information must be provided: injured worker name; date of accident; reason for request, i.e., pursuant to Administrative Rule 69L-3.003, FAC, the Division Assigned Number is needed to file the First Report of Injury or Illness (or specify other division form); and, name of individual and company name requesting number. If available, please provide the injured worker's date of birth and/or employer name.