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Division of State Fire Marshal

Florida Volunteer Firefighter Information


Being a volunteer emergency responder is a rewarding experience and an extraordinary way to serve your community. It takes dedication, sacrifice, leadership, and mental/physical stamina.

Approximately 12 million Florida citizens depend on volunteer firefighters to protect their community. To keep these residents safe, it's critical that individuals volunteer for local departments. More than 315 departments throughout Florida utilize volunteers to sustain operations.


Volunteer Firefighter


If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Firefighter or performing Volunteer Support Services in Florida.

Definition: Volunteer Firefighter

Individual who holds a current and valid Volunteer Firefighter Certificate of Completion issued by the Division of State Fire Marshal under s. 633.408, Florida Statutes.


Definition: Support Services

Those activities that a fire service provider has trained an individual to perform safely outside the hot zone of an emergency scene, including pulling hoses, opening and closing fire hydrants, driving and operating apparatus, carrying tools, carrying or moving equipment, directing traffic, manning a resource pool or similar activities.


Definition: Hot Zone

The area immediately around an incident where serious threat of harm exists, which includes the collapse zone for a structure fire.

2015 Volunteer Week at the Florida State Fire College

2015 Volunteer Week at the Florida State Fire College April 21 - 26, 2015

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Guidelines for the Firefighter Part 1 Certificate of Completion Program (Volunteer Firefighter Taskbook)

The standard of firefighter training as required by Florida State Statute 633 and Florida
Administrative Codes 69A-37 and 69A-62 to be a Volunteer Firefighter is the completion of Part 1 of the State of Florida Minimum Standards Course. This document provides guidelines for meeting this requirement.

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An Analysis of Volunteer Firefighter Injuries

Author: Michael J. Karter, Jr.

Issued: January 2014



An analysis of volunteer firefighter injuries was undertaken to compare their experience to all firefighter injuries. "All firefighter injuries” refers to the firefighter injuries that are estimated based on the NFPA National Fire Experience Survey and reported in the NFPA Annual Firefighter Injury Report. The injury statistics in that report combine career and volunteer firefighters.

Volunteer fire departments are highly related to the size of community protected. Departments that protect communities of less than 10,000 population are comprised mostly of volunteer firefighters.

Three years of data were used in this analysis because the estimates for some of the breakdown categories are small and can vary considerably from year to year.


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An Analysis of Volunteer Firefighter Injuries 2010 - 2012 Report